March 21


Having immersed myself in George Couros’ “The Innovator’s Mindset: …” I found my self similarly engrossed in a Netflex series, “Halt and Catch Fire.” It has somewhat involved plot lines, yet thematically, is really about innovation in the computer industry.   The series is fascinating for me since it parallels, time-wise, my involvement with computers and technology. I am now re-reading Walter Isaacson’s “The Innovators,” of which the introduction would be appreciated George Couro’s followers as well as the Netflix viewers of H&CF.  If you are a”connected”  educator there is much in these pieces for you. The Netflix series and Isaacson show us how we “got here,” while George Couros poses some ideas of where we can go in education and ideas on how to get there.



March 4

Just finished reading

Hi. I just finished George Couros’ inspiring “The Educator’s Mindset: …” Powerful and empowering reading for any, make that ‘every‘ educator, especially administrators.
Get a copy; read his blog; and start upgrading your practice.

Each chapter concludes with though provoking discussion questions and detailed reference notes. His blog “The Principal of Change” sets the stage for where we need to go in our schools and classrooms.